Monday, December 22, 2008

How Are you, Bu?

Mother, how are you today?
Here is a note from your daughter.
With me everything is ok.
Mother, how are you today?

Mother, don't worry, I'm fine.
Promise to see you this summer.
This time there will be no delay.
Mother, how are you today?

I found the man of my dreams. Next time you will get to know him. Many things happened while I was away. Mother, how are you today?

Maywood Lyric "Maywood Mother, How Are You Today? lyrics"

Today the world is celebrating Mothers Day, Dec 22nd, 2008....No matter how many books, articles, news, and writes which telling us how great a mother is...I just wanna tell my mother that I love her, I honor her, I adore your ability to survive in your hard life, I pray for your weaknesses, and I want to say I'm sorry for my inappropriate manner.

May God bless your simple life with peace and love always.......
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Kristina Dian Safitry said...

i miss u mama
kangen marah mama
kangen lihat senyum dan air mata mama
kangen masakan mama
kangen,kangen,kangen...moga mamku baik baik aja hari ini

Riema Ziezie said...

Mom , you are the best for everything the best for your children & their future

seno said...

She gives me her love along my life. I really wanna kiss my mom, but now I live in Jakarta and my Mum in Center of Java.

I just called today and said, "I love you, Mum". I hope I can celebrate "Mother's Day" everyday.

tikno said...

Hello Prihandoko, I still remember your previous post "Honoring your parent"

Happy mother day to everyone.
Great Post!

pri said...

@KDS : I believe every mother will always pray for the best to her childs.

@Zie : I agree with you

@Seno : Yet she is far awar, she always be here in the hearth

@Tikno : I appreciate it Mas Tikno. Thank you

ika said...

Happy Mother's Day. It's 24 hours job, no pay, no day off, seldom appreciated and impossible to resign. But I'm still full of love doing that. Blessed you...........

xitalho ( berbagi itu indah ) said...

mother is like the sun when she smiled
such as stars coloring her children life
such as the wind when she caress
such as an earth she's s patient
such as a fire when their children disturbed
such as water, full of peace

keep sharing yo mas.. he.he.. b'cause Berbagi Itu Indah


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