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Honoring Your Parent (100th Posting To Honor Bapak & Ibu)

parent I’ve been on Blogger since January 2007, so this is my second years being here. I found wonderful times here, so many laugh , so many stories, so many touching moments, so many inspirational words, so many lessons, so many hopes, so many creativities, and much more. For the first year I only watched and read other blogs. I couldn’t write even a single posting. I never write an article before, may be because I’m a rigid construction engineer who couldn’t play words to become interesting sentence….but I learn how to write word by word…until now…. I’m publishing my 100th posting (still, no matter how bad the writes are). I’d like to dedicate it to my father and mother.

Pak, Bu….thank you for giving me such a big love. It started when I was born, so many pain you had, so much blood came out, so many tears you had, so many pray, so much tension, so much worry, so much struggle, so much breath, and much more. Again you gave big loves to me when I was a kid. You care for me with so much patience. You always worked hard to feed me. There are times when you did some extra jobs to have some more money for me. I remembered when ibu made some donuts every early morning and sold it to village’s small store. I also remembered when Bapak did overtime works everyday to get extra money. When the school time came for me, you took me to the school with every penny you had. I studied hard to pay you back. Even when I got high mark on the subject in school & college, I still felt that I could not pay you back, even you don’t want it too.

I write this & I must write this all the time, at least in my mind to remind me that I have so much debt to pay, to give the best for my parent. I‘ve been inspired when I visited ZieZie’s Home whose remind me to memorize or childhood & how parent care for me. I wrote a comment on her posting:

“terima kasih sudah mengingatkan kami utk selalu mengingat jasa orang tua kita dan juga tentunya membalas budi adalah keharusan dan kewajiban yang harus kita laksanakan sebagai anak mereka. Ingin rasanya membahagiakan orang tua kita, namun terkadang realitas hidup kadang menghalangi niat kita itu. Namun juga hal itu tidak pernah meyurutkan niat sy utk memberikan yang terbaik bagi mereka. Diiringi doa stiap saat bagi kesehatan dan ketentraman bathin mereka, sy harus berjuang utk membalas budi.
Pernah seorang sepupu yang ditinggal mati oleh kedua orang tuanya memeluk sy dengan erat dan membisikkan kata2: "Jagalah dan rawatlah orang tuamu selagi ada kesempatan; kami sudah tidak punya kesempatan itu"
Mudah2an Tuhan memberikan jalan-Nya agar kita mampu membahagiakan orang tua kita.
Terima kasih Mbak Zie”

…………again I thank you, Mbak Zie.

Now Bapak is 71 years old & Ibu is 61 years old. They don’t have good physic, so many times they had to hospitalized because of their sickness. Bapak has Uric Acid Sickness since 20 years ago, and now his hearth and his kidney are also has weaken because of that Uric Acid. Ibu has diabetic sickness for more than 15 years. Last year she had light stroke because of her diabetic. In October 2008, they both hospitalized in the same time, and we had to put both of them in the same room, so the family can accompany them at the same time.

I wonder & keep asking God, “Why do You give them sickness?”

Then I realized that it was their journey, it was their temptation, and also it was a chance for their kids, for me, to care for them. Surely I can not give them money, goods, jewelry or pleasures. But at least I have love and attention to give. I am trying to share the love with visiting them once in a week, bring some foods their like, cheer them up with Audrey’s smile, and also show them that we’re okay – nothing to worry about us, let them just concentrate on their health. Every night we do pray for them, may God bless their health and hearth, so they can enjoy their life peacefully. Sometimes I ask God to show me how to care and how to love my parent.

I search some site, looking for some tips how to honor parent, and I found some simple things to do, like making a dinner for them & be polite to them , also How to respect your parent

I remember when I was a kid, my parent took me to Sunday School and in that class I was introduced to The Ten Commandments where the commandment #4 is honoring your father and your mother. So help me God to do your commandment.

May be some of you has forgotten what they are:

1st I am the LORD thy God. Thou shalt have no strange gods before Me.

2nd Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

3rd Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day

4th Honour thy father and thy mother.

5th Thou shalt not kill.

6th Thou shalt not commit adultery.

7th Thou shalt not steal.

8th Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

9th Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife.

10th Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.

Let’s take care our parent while there is a remaining time for us to do that. Believe me there are so much blessing from God when we do that.


Bagus Pras said...

pertamaxxx bos....

Riema Ziezie said...

i m so sad thinka about "what i have to do for my parents" i can't pay them with everything but i will try for make them happy insyaAllah (ikut2an ingglis sebisanya kalau salah jgn dijewer ya kak hehehe)

Ernut said...

parents' love never ends..


a very inspiring posting...

i believe that respecting our parents will lead all the blessings to our lives for the Bible tells so, if i'm not mistaken, it's somewhere in proverb.

sometimes we plan to do something "big" to pleased our parents' heart but actually our parents will be very happy to see us happy and have a good relationship with God.

jadi mumpung masih ada waktu, do your best to pleased your parents' heart and let them know how much you love 'em.

*panjang bener yak* :P

Ninis said...

Jasa orangtua gak akan pernah bisa kita balas, meskipun dengan materi berlimpah ruah..
Pun juga dengan kasih sayang, yang kita berikan gak akan bisa sebesar yang mereka berikan *kecuali orangtua durhaka sih hehehe..*

Wish your parents all the best, Mas! :)

Ida Athanazir said...

boleh, u can link me & thanx.

tikno said...

The true love which has NO comparison to anything was parents's affection.
Great post!

If you have time, I also have a post related to this :

astrid savitri said...

membaca posting ini, saya lantas berharap bhw anak-anak saya nantinya akan mencintai dan menghormati saya seperti kamu menghormati kedua org tua kamu.

nice post!

prihandoko said...

@all: Indeed...I can not pay them back. Their love is so much...Just like the love of God, we just ask and thank Him, because we know we can not give him the same thing. Just love Him with our size. He doesn't want to be paid...same thing as the parent does.

Thank you all for your love.

-G- said...

Very cool entry niy mas.. I agree that owning a blog trained us to write, and the good thing is we can write anything, the topics are up to us, according to our interests at some point of time. And it is interesting that you mentioned going from blog to blog and read and learn from other blogs, how t write or what topic to write, which is precisely what i do too! Often, went to other blogs, inspired me to write something, and it is like brainstorming, exciting!

Weleh.... kok ga nyambung sama honoring parents ya komentar saya? hihihi.... Eniwei, our parents are the best there is, maybe they aren't perfect (who is?) but they are the ones that took care of us, loving us no matter what.


ryane said...

salam buat Bapak sama Ibu ya mas :)

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