Thursday, January 08, 2009

Your Silence Is Yes For Me

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When I asked you where you were when I was there, you keep your mouth shut

When I asked you why you didn’t say something at that time, you keep your mouth shut

When I asked you why you keep silence when I walked around you, you couldn’t say a word

When I asked you why you couldn’t open your mouth when you stood in front of me, you didn’t say a word.

When I told you that You should tell me frankly, your mouth was lock tightly

When I wanted you to speak what you have in mind, you couldn’t speak even a thing

When I needed you to say your secret, you didn’t want to share it with me

When I asked you why you keep things that supposed to be share with me, you just turn your face down.

When you kept quiet, I thought you are silence people

When you didn’t talk a thing. I thought you are shy people

When you kept your mouth shut, I assumed you don’t want to share your secret with me

When you kept in silence, I guessed you don’t like me.

When you said nothing, I wished you have so many things in your mind

When there is no words coming from your mouth, I thought you don’t have courage to mention a thing.

And now…………

When I’m asking you what your opinion about me, you still keep quiet

When I’m wanting you to tell me what your comments about me, you don’t say a word

When I’m telling you to share your old secret about me, again you keep in silence


It’s time for me to say that no matter how long you keep in silence for me, I know you have great thoughts about me, I know that you are a kind people who care for me all the time. I understand that deep down inside you have a golden hearth to give to the other. Believe me that even you don’t talk much, your hearth speaks loudly, telling me that you have so many loves to give to the world. Even when you keep silence when I ask you, your silence is still yes for me. Yes that you will keep that silence for last.

sebuah penghormatan untuk kawanku yang sangat pendiam namun berhati emas


Seno said...

What does 'me' refers to, Pak Pri?
Does the phrase have implicit or explicit meaning?

Sometimes "Diam itu menghanyutkan".
Sometimes "Silence is not concerned".
Sometimes "Silence is not to know".
Sometimes "Silence means angry".
Sometimes "Silence means confusion".
Sometimes "Silence means death".
Sometimes "Silence is gold".

Silence contains a lot of sense.

prihandoko said...

Feel free to interpret mas Seno

Seno said...

Oggix emang sering Error Mas Pri, kalo mau yang lebih stabil pake cbox atau shoutmix. Memang sih kalo Oggix buatan anak negeri.

Klo shoutmix buatan Malaysya. Tapi kalo pake shoutmix bisa terjadi kecurangan. Saya merekomendasikan pake cbox.

elly.s said...

bisu kali dia bro...

Ninis said...

Hehehe... jadi inget lagunya "The Tremeloes" : Silence Is Golden

Suka banget aku sama lagu itu :)

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