Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ms Pooh Last night, she was wearing brown batik sleeping dress when she picked up her ‘daughter’- Ms. Pooh to my bed. I thought she was going to sleep, but then she went to her room and picked up a dining set toys. Then she took a cloth sheet, and used it to carry Ms. Pooh. She started to open the dining set, and took a fork. She said to Ms. Pooh: “Ms. Pooh, you should eat your dinner before sleep, now open your mouth”. She then used the fork and pretended to take some food from the plate, and gave it to Ms. Pooh.  Again she said:”you should eat much so you can grow up quickly, and your body will be full”. “Now it’s Papi’s turn, Ayo Pi sapinin Ms. Pooh” (Audrey has difficulty to say suapi ), “Okay, ayo Ms. Pooh, maem yang banyak seperti Mbak Audrey, biar sehat dan tambah tinggi badannya”.

Momi was so sick last night by the damned flu, I have to look after Audrey when I got home. It's a big job for me, I don’t play with her as much as Momi, well may be it’s time for me to learn. To learn to understand who Audrey is now, what her excitements are, and how to talk softly and firmly with her.

The day before, she played her imagination with cooking set toys. She took a plastic glass and a ms pooh2 spoon, she took some soil from the garden and fill the glass with it. She also took some little rocks, and some leafs ---poor my lovely plants---- and put it all in the glass. She took a stone, and then she poured whatever inside the plastic glass to the floor. She use the stone to crush them out just like when Momi makes sambal. When I asked her what she was doing, she said that she makes Gado-gado, using carrots, spinach, kangkung, kacang panjang, kol, and cucumber. She aske for one more ingredient :”Papi mau pakai tempe nggak?”…Huahahahahaha…up to this point I couldn’t hold my laugh….

She is full with imaginations now, I really enjoy seeing her like that. Just see how she carried Ms. Pooh on her arm and supported with a plain cloth. Her hands rubbed Ms. Pooh’s head softly just like what Momi do for her, and of course she did that along with the singing of Nina Bobo…hihihi.

May be her brain cells is growing so fast now. So fast and so surprising for me. I went to my office in the morning and came

back in the night, I couldn’t catch some chances to know her grow.  Really I must learn a large from her and from the expert of course, how to out my self in this imagination plays.

Again, like my previous parenting postings, I’d like to address my question to you, the expert…how can I put my self in the plays?

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-G- said...

Just play along Papi Pri, and you will learn along the way, haha! How exciting it is the process of a little girl pretending to be an adult on her way to grow up and be one. And someday, when you come home and look at her, you will be surprised to see, not your little baby girl anymore but a beautiful young woman, and at that time, you will be glad that once upon a time you were playing a make believe with her and the Pooh (^^,)

Salam buat Audrey.. Nak.. jgn cepat2 dewasa ya.. hihihi... stay young, stay foolish, stay hungry, kayak motonya blog ini.. (^^p)

prihandoko said...

maturnuwun mbak -G-,you're the expert

-G- said...

Just sharing my own experience, my dad sometimes when he had time, he played along with me, he was awkward, haha, but he bared it, and we did it time after time, until someday, I didn't bother about my dolls and my toys, I grew up! One day, my dad asked me to walk with him and we had a long talk, and he said, "Papa jadi ingat kita dulu suka main masak-masakan dan minum teh sore itu, kok Usi sudah ga main lagi?" And I was 17 at that time! Hahahahaa! To know that he remembered and that memory is precious for both of us, makes me feel warm and loved. Therefore i said, just play along.. she will never forget it, and you will never regret it.

This is coming from what myself as an only daughter's own experience..that's all. Good luck papi Pri!

ziezie veteriner said...

like me when i still litle girl 23 years ago, i was imagine about doctor, seller, mom etc

Yudhi Gejali, dr. said...

Wah..Super Dad nih...GO SUPERDAD GO!

astrid savitri said...

Waduh, pertanyaan yg susah dijawab..sebab sy sendiri juga sedang mempelajarinya...cuma saya selalu percaya bhw kita sebetulnya sdh dibekali dgn pengetahuan itu.

Kadang saya cm bertanya pd diri sendiri; 'saya ingin diingat sebagai ortu yg gimana sih (pd saat anak2 udh besar nanti?)

Cium gemes bwt Audrey ya!

ryane said...

bisik-bisik ke Audrey:
tante baru tau nih, kalo Pooh itu cewek hehehehe

Seno 008 said...

Saya bisa merasakan kebahagiaan itu. Audrey anak yang sangat cerdas. Memang anak2 seusia itu masih sering mempraktekkan apa yang dilihatnya. Pemahaman Audrey akan nasihat Orang tuanya, dan ia menularkannya ke yang lain. Audrey akan menjadi pengamal ilmu-ilmu yang dikuasainya dan berbagi ilmu dengan sesama.(*he.he.. sok tau mode on)

Tentang bagaimana memposisikan diri kita dengan anak, Mas Pri lebih tahu he..he... Audrey buktinya, saya harus banyak belajar dari Mas Pri.

WHITEShadow said...

She is a sweet beautiful girl. You'll do fine in guiding her through.

Atca said...

Audrey lucu dan cantik..dan pinter lagi..

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