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kilat Seconds are passing by without a chance for coming back, Seconds who brought your parts of your life remain as memories, seconds of your precious moments were there before….sometimes you scream so loud to The Above, asking to have Seconds back, you beg for your life fractions to reshape your mind….your thought bring you back to Seconds automatically when the enormous fire ball meets 3.1536e+007 seconds….lights are flashing back through dark cemetery of minds…looking for Seconds who haunt you all this time….when they meet…the lights ask Seconds to go to the present time and rebuild the old memories…but Seconds are too heavy to bring with, the light’s hand can not pick it up even for a single inch…then Seconds are stay there, stay at the same places, and nothing can change that….Seconds now live in its own world, world of of imagination….the world that can not be touch, even if there are a black holes to go through…you just take care Seconds with passions, hopefully it’ll be back by destiny..something that you can’t decide by your self…it’s just not your right to decide…the sad, the bad, the sweet, the wonderful, the nice, the sour, the happiness, the cries, the laughs, the smiles, the taste, the spirit, the energy, the greatness, the shadow, the fortunes, the achievement, the fail, the anxiousness, the tragedy, the beauty, the tiredness, the hungry, the worry, the craziness, the anger, the love, the hope, and so much more that belong to Seconds will be in Seconds’s world forever….you can not take it back, you just can add it by every breath you take.

Now, you have another 3.1536e+007 seconds, the time for you to let the light to flash from your brain’s cell, let them go through the dark cemetery ones more, but this time ask the light to meet Second’s hopes and loves…then ask the light to ask them whether you have fulfilled what they need…then let the light brings their answer to you…just decide after that what you will do about it….

Sometimes you need to release the lights to go to the beginning, to the time when The Above gave you the first Second…ask the light to catch so many Seconds…ask the light to gather things you forget…remember, Seconds are yours, no matter good or bad…no matter you like or not…hopefully the lights will bring you the things you expect to come…

Wouldn’t it be nice when you know it…when Seconds tell you the information and the stories that you’ve been through…suddenly you’ll be full..full with bless..full with thanks…full with sensations..knowing that Seconds are the angels who has collected and built the puzzles of you completely like you are now….You’ve been built from puzzles composed by angel, and now you’re a complete creature and filled by so many Seconds

Knowing that you have so many-I mean so many-Seconds that you’ve forgotten before, Seconds  whose sometime you want it to comeback, will again give you the other Second with the same feeling as the old Seconds. It’s not a reborn or reincarnation, the feeling is quiet the same but not exactly the same, more or less; then when you have that Seconds again, you’ll know what to do. me you’ll know what to do.

Some lights are reflected by the strange mirror, they don’t come back to you completely. Those lights drop some stories about you right here, right in front of me, telling me that once you had secrets on me. Then I got an impression that Seconds wants me to do something. Seconds are the ones who inspire me to make some scratches on this sheet, they are your Seconds, who almost became mind…

As time goes by, the tiny little secrets are now revealed. When the lights bring the Seconds, and when you want to update that Seconds, that lights will be connected as long as you need, it will not be cut and interrupted unless you want it. The Seconds will be delivered to you continuously. You’ll get amazed when you find out that your brain is more superior than a sophisticated computer in this case. A computer does not have a digesting method to understand what the Seconds means for you. Every tiny secrets some time have a huge meaning for you, and even for years that secrets are remain as a big secret of you. You don’t share it before to anyone because you don’t want to share it to anybody else. It can be sins, or it can be Seconds which related to the other. It can be humiliating, or it can be ‘a dream’. When it’s ‘a dream’, you just want to share it with somebody or something you’ve been dreaming on.  

Secrets of Mine:

Once I had a dream, a dream of ‘impossibility’ - a dream for having a romance with a very beautiful celebrity.  As far as I know, My Seconds are there in my locking room, but somehow a reflected lights strike My Seconds and bring my secret a long with it. I really don’t know whose flash light is that. When the secrets arrive in my brain cells, after a very quick digesting, I feel that it’s just so beautiful….even when I realized that it was a dream -and still it is now- I can not let it go. Then when my passion decide to keep that beautiful dream for last, I decide it to write it on this sheet, at least I don’t have to energize my flash light to look for it hardly later on.

It is so beautiful indeed.  I watched the actress when she had a live performance  in the city. She’s so charming and pretty with her thick black long hair and a sexy legs, walking around at the red carpet with delicate smiles always on her lips…my goodness…she’s perfect..My eyes didn’t blink even for once. I always put my eyes and ears open if it’s related with my lady. Every coverage on her was kept orderly in my file. I dreamed to have a date with her, and having a dinner with her, so later on I’ll have a chance to kiss her…kiss her softly with so much love…I wonder what the feeling is going to be.

So many times I watched you on the TV; you’re also so smart in facing your fans; you talk softly but yet firmly. Your words were so kind, and those words were picked up carefully. By that reasons I decided to have you as an idol and hopefully as my virtual lover. 

I knew that so many gentlemen were there at your side, I knew that so many guys out there were well equipped for having a date with you.  I knew I don’t have the guts, I knew I just can only dreaming….

There were times when I thought I heard sounds of an angel, that sounds are  so soft and cheerful, it even can fly you to the highest mountain in a zip…I heard that sounds recently when she had live performance one TV station ….That voice is still the same voice I’ve heard before….still charming….

There were times when I looked in to your eyes, there were warm welcome coming from that lovely eyes. Feels like those eyes wanted to hug me tightly. Those eyes still radiate the love to everybody till now.

The laughs you had was so relieving, and I always enjoyed when those laughs came out…those laughs were so expressive, telling the happiness to the world.  I’d like to dedicate that laughs as my cellular ring tone, so I can hear it all the times…say what?!!!…hahahaha…yup!!!  this fantasy will make me crazy.

My dreams and fantasy can somehow make my biological body reacts like it’s a real thing. When the virtual conversation has reached a certain level which will tense every muscles I have. Sometimes also that tensions will make me having diarrhea…Even when I came to the doctor..instead of having a remedy, he told me that there was nothing’s wrong with my stomach, but it came from the excitements I had…and there was no medicine for that kind of illness, unless one thing; I was suggested to keep on dreaming.

When the Seconds brought me those tiny little dreams in my brain, that dreams then grew up by multiplying it self. The dreams are now so big, and some of them wanted to become realities. But then, the permanent overflow nozzle took away the excessive dream liquid and store it to other compartments.

The Seconds now want to remind me that in a moment the actress will have another 3.1536e+007 seconds of her life. I believe my actress will release her brain cell’s flash light to meet her seconds and bring it back to her brain cell and it will be replayed sometime before the the final seconds. I’m dreaming there will be a mirror to reflect her flash light, so her Seconds will meet my Seconds; but if the mirror is not there, then I have to live in the dreaming for the rest of my life.


Wouldn’t it be nice to share your Seconds now?

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tikno said...

Hello Prihandoko, this is a good reflection. What inspiration you get so you write this?

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Psst... solidarity from Indonesian fellow blogger.

Seno 008 said...

Pencerahan yang luar biasa. Namun, ada apa gerangan Mas Pri? Adakah sesuatu yang membuatmu sedih akhir-akhir ini?

Salut atas pemahaman alarm yang ada dihati.

Tentang Obama, sering kita begitu prihatin atas nasib saudara-2 jauh, padahal disekeliling kita banyak yang jauh lebih butuh perhatian.

Ida Athanazir said...

wish you happy new year, not too late aeh? seconds,days,weeks.... never too late. the thought that counts. but every seconds are precious

G said...

From now on I'm going to pay attention to every second that I have (^_^)

Thanks mas Pri!

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