Monday, January 05, 2009

Year of hopes


2009 It’s been a year already for us here, at the small house we called home. We moved here on January 1st, 2008. Not to mention that any other days are bad, but there is a simple reason why those date is chosen. 1st of January is a date that everybody will easily remember. The date which is new hopes are set up. It’s always celebrated with joys and happiness.

One full year we’ve passed through, a year full of expressions, a period full with laughs and cries. So many precious moments we had, so many experiences we’ve got. We learn a large from year 2008. We learn that we couldn’t get everything we want, but some times we got some things that we did not want.

Last year also we had so many hopes for 2008, just like the previous years. But most of the hopes are still remain the hopes. It’s been a difficult years for the economic. The global economical crisis in the end 0f 2008 was strike our life apparently. The mortgage credit was higher than before,  the price of goods increase rapidly and the cost for services were higher than before too. Everybody is forced to tighten their budget and their living costs.

But still, We thank God for for His giving within this year, we thank Him for the happiness and the cries we’ve been through. Another year was added to our life, another period is added to our age, another moments are added to our memory, another experiences are added to our curriculum vitae, and also for the hopes that haven’t been answered He left for us.

2009 is here now, the year is provided to accommodate our remaining hopes and also for the new hopes. Even when some people said that 2009 will be more difficult for people to live in, there are still so much believe that God will give us the answer for our hopes. Considering what happen in 2008, the chance for having a better economic is less. That’s what will happen if we still do the same things for 2009. I remember when I quote Antony Robins in the previous posting: “You’ll get the same result when you do the same thing”. At least it’s time for us to change our routine and try to have a better things in life to get some improvements.

Hoping something to be happen in our life is not a matter of asking only. The hopes will come true if we start to make it happen by efforts. I believe that hopes will always be the hopes if we don’t bother to start to get it step by step. Hopes are usually said in pray, when we have communications with God. How many prays have we done? How many hopes, wishes and requests we've asked? May be it’s just too many. Have you ever count how many hopes, wishes and request are answered by God? May be you don’t know because you never count it and remember it. We just remember for the hopes that have not been answered by God, but we don’t thank Him for the hopes that have been answered by Him.

Again, it’s time for Change. 2009 is a year full of hopes, the hopes for some changing, the changing for better life, better life for our own life, better life for our own family, better life for our parent, better life for our brothers and sisters, better life for our neighborhood, better life for our company, better life for our country and better life for the world. 

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