Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photography Hobby

Photography is always my favorite hobby. You can file everything through it. You can share your life, your experience, and your exploration through it. You can also remember your special moment in pictures wether it's happyness or sadness.
Some people say that this hobby is an expensive hobby, just like a cycling hobby. Is it true? It might be true, but not absolutely true. Nowadays, the range of camera products is widely spread from an entry level to the high end level, which will cost you from hundreds thousands Rupiahs up to hundreds millions Rupiahs. It's getting cheaper and cheaper.
Also nowadays the camera has became a must function in cellphone, so I can say that may be 10% of Indonesian people  have a camera.

Remember when I said that my wife suggested me to buy another camera to avoiding me in concentrating on my cycling hobby? Well...finally I have a chance to use my first SLR digital camera which happen to be EOS 450D. Now it is time for me to learn basic photography. This SLR camera has so many functions compare to my old IXUS 330. And now Audrey is become my favorite object. May be I should take a basic photography training.
Here I'm attaching the 450D's features taken from

Superb Imaging Performance

• 12.2 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor for high resolution images of superb quality and detail.
• DIGIC III Imaging Processor for high quality fast image processing,
- Provides ultra-fast processing system
- Reduces false colors and improve image quality
- On-chip noise reduction circuit for low levels of noise even at high ISO
• 14-bit A/D conversion. 16,384 gradations per color.
• 3-layer optical low-pass filter (LPF) effectively reduces false colors and maintains excellent resolutions.
• Expanded dynamic range due to improvements of the S/N ratio of the CMOS sensor (inhibits over-whitening) for better highlight retention and noise reduction.

EOS Integrated Cleaning System
• EOS Integrated Cleaning System is Canon's comprehensive measure to minimize effects of dust.
• Includes both Self Cleaning Sensor Unit (hardware) and Dust Delete Function (software)
- Self Cleaning Sensor Unit: Uses piezoelectric element to generate ultrasonic vibrations in the first optical low-pass filter in front of the CMOS sensor to shake off dust.
- Dust Delete Function: Camera detects and registers the location and size of extremely sticky dust adhering to low-pass filter and then appends this information (dust delete data) to the image taken. The Digital Photo Professional 3.3 (DPP3.3) software detects this data appended to the image to execute dust deletion
• Manual Sensor cleaning is also available

LIVE View shooting
• Versatile Live View functionality with 2 new AF modes for flexible focus via its 3” LCD monitor
- Quick Mode (Phase difference AF)
- Live Mode (Contrast detection AF)

High Responsiveness
• High-speed continuous shooting at 3.5 frames per second up to 53 burst JPEG format or 6 frames RAW.
• High-precision 9-point AF with 35-zone metering sensor.
• Reduced lag time resulting in quicker operations.
• Spot metering, approximately 4% of screen is metered.
• Continuous shooting with a self timer (first in a Canon SLR camera).
• Maximum shutter speed of up to 1/4000 sec. and X-sync speed of 1/200 sec.

Ease of Operability
• Auto Lighting Optimizer function
- Analyzes the brightness of the photographic subject, and automatically corrects the dark parts to make them brighter
• The EOS Integrated Cleaning System, a comprehensive sensor dust solution.
• Newly developed Li-ion battery, LP-E5 with an improved capacity (approximately 1.5x)
• 3.0” LCD monitor with 230,000 dots offers ease of viewing with its increased magnification ratio and brightness.
• Light weight body, weighing only 475gm.

New Optional Accessories
• Complete Canon EOS system with over 60 Canon auto focus lenses and wide range of accessories, compatible with EOS 450D.
• Other optional EOS accessories include battery grip (BG-E5) and semi-hard case (EH19-L).


eeda said...

Actually, I used to never give a damn about photo. I became interested in taking picture since I become reporter. Once my boss said ''Your job is not only writing news but also taking picture. If it's a big event, I'll ask a photographer to keep you company.''
Well, in fact I have to do that job mostly by myself. Means, I have to learn a bit about camera and how taking angle of the object. but still, the result doesn't satisfy me yet. Though, although I'm not on duty , I always carry my canon power shot S2IS. It's kinda old, but I love it.

AncaMk said...

I intend to buy a camera and any details are useful for me...
I like the pictures you posted on the blog, especially those with children and flowers...:)and photos with new and wonderful places!

thya said...

duuuh, gak harus pake bahasa ingg kan, heheh, mau dooonk beliin kamera , tapi kamera underwater, plis plis plis plis, :D...

Airfree a.k.a Robertus Prihandoko said...

@Eeda: Hei, you are always be my hero, through your last pictures I see a big hearth of you ...remember the Hydrocephallus Picts.

@Anca: My Romanians Friend...We have the same hobby...I also see so many beautiful pictures on your site. Please share the beauty of Romania with me.

@Thya: pakai boso jowo yo ora po2...kalau utk underwater tinggal dibelikan aja camera case-nya ..hehe, sy ngga punya pengalaman, tapi tau dari literatur/bacaan aja.

gus said...

hobbynya membuat saya ngiri...

Airfree a.k.a Robertus Prihandoko said...

halo Mas Gus, how are you? it's been long time

Pangarso D. Nugroho said...

Om kapan-kapan hunting bareng yuk ... udah lama nih nggak jepret-jepret .. :))

salam jepret
dari tetangga pojok

handoko said... dadung nemu juga blog ane akhirnya...terus terang kalau hunting sama senior photography aku jadi minder...gearku yo ming kui thok...lagi ngumpulin modal buat beli asesoris lainnya...atau sampeyan punya lungsuran?..hihi

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