Friday, October 17, 2008

Jerk is your best teacher

If you are hurted in anyways by a jerk, then you will have a very good chance to learn.

You can learn how to forgive someone else without forgeting how they treated you. 
You are tend to learn something when you are hurted, other than you just get lesson from others theoretically. Forgiving is a must! But you must put the revenge away. Revenge is God's right. Look how God threat us with mercy. 

You ussualy can hurt somebody who close to you; your friend, your family, your wife/your husband, your kids, your relative. On the other hand, those people can also hurt you. Being hurt is always painful. 
That hurt will last for long time, because emotionally it's very difficult to handle. 
People can easily forget the kindness from someone else, but people can not easily forget 
someone's else mistakes. 

Forgiving is a learning process. You have to learn how to let go the hurt feelings, but you should not forget how it is happen; 
so you can avoid it in the future.


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