Monday, December 28, 2009

Selamat Jalan Bapak

Yesterday, Sunday, December 27th, 2009, 5 AM, Bapak has gone to his creator.

Finally Bapak was released from the pain who had been hurt him for years.

I thank Bapak for every love he gave, for his fights and struggles in caring his family, for his taught, for his creations, for his generosity, for his faith, for his anger, for his believe, and for his kindness.
I should also ask for his forgiveness for what I did and for the things I supposed to do. Forgive me Bapak, I let you down sometimes.

I believe that you're stay in heaven now, caring for us from there, just like your last words : everything will be alright.

We love you Pak, and we will always do

Selamat jalan Bapak, Tuhan memberkatimu.

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Linda Belle said...

RIP Pak...
semoga yg ditinggalkan tabah & sabar, mas Pri, yg sabar ya.. Gbu

tikno said...

Saudara Prihandoko,
semoga tabah. Sesungguhnya kasih sayang, petuah dan nasehat yang ditinggalkannya akan tetap hidup.

soewoeng said...

semoga arwahnya disisi NYA
dan keluarga yang ditinggalkan mendapat kesabaran
semua kita akan kesana bero

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