Friday, December 11, 2009


IMG_3354 My Grandmother just passed away on November 23rd, 2009. She got sudden hearth attack that early morning after years of sickness, and she passed away at the same time. She suffered from stomachache and hearth problem. She had been hospitalized twice at the ICU, and she was so closed to the death at that time. But still she survived until that day. My Grandma died at the age of 84.

And now, just 2 week after, Bapak (Mbahkung) is lying on the bed at the hospital now, and this is his 2nd time during 2009. Last September he got stroke for the first time after many years having gout arthritis and hypertension. For the last 2 years, his physical condition was getting worse. His body is shrinking, his face looks older than his age. Now he can not talk like before, almost no body understand his voice. He just so weak.

He is 72 years old now. The sicknesses come and go so often. Pain has been accompanied Bapak for more than 20 years, and yet He doesn’t give up, so do we. My Mother, my self, my brothers and sister will not give up. We will do our best to help him, so he will get through from this hard time. I believe no matter what sicknesses he had, he’ll be able to survive. Somehow I feel like God is smiling to Bapak and us now. Thank God for Your smile.  

We know that we don’t have any thing beside God, and that is everything we need. So God please help Bapak.


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