Monday, December 21, 2009


actualizar-messenger I don’t know much about Information Technology, neither for the gadgets. But seems to me there are so many popular media that have been tremendously grown up in last decade. You can name it Messenger, Facebook, & Twitter. Those three web applications are the most popular all around the world. There are more than 200 millions people using Facebook, more than 25 millions people using twitter, and millions others using various of Web Messenger. The fans are getting bigger now and then.

I feel so awkward to see this phenomena. I am new in this web media, and I’m so amaze with these media. So many surprises I find through instant messenger and social networking media. I meet so many people from the past time, which bring the old memories too. Furthermore so many reunion happened, and they all bring joyful stories to each other. Old and new connections are made up through this media and suddenly everybody can realize that they have so many friends out there.

The popularity has been grown up rapidly for few years, and you can identify their popularity by the numbers of the followers mentioned above. You will also be amazed when you can easily find out for kids who already have those web application’s account. The technology has reach so many age level. So many applications are made and custom with certain ages through these media. 

What will happen when most of people get connected to each other? One thing for sure that you can communicate with them with ease. You’ll get and send the information up to date and even in a real time.

Why I wrote this old news just now? At first, I have so many good things related with these media and I just realized that I have so many blesses from these media. I met so many friends through these media. I can also share my life and love with them through these media. I know what’s going on with my buddies, and I get so many colors of life from them.

These media are just like John The Great Messenger. They share so many news. And I hope the good news are the main thing that will be shared through these media. I should thank to the creator of that media who bring back The Great Messenger to our life.   


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