Monday, March 30, 2009

Exhausting Moment

sakit Last week was the exhausting week for me and mami. It started on Thursday March 19th; when Audrey’s temperature was so high, and Audrey suddenly had fever. The fever hugged audrey so tight and he didn’t want to go away even when the medicine tried to get rid of him. On Saturday, the fever was slowly going down, and in the afternoon Audrey had a chance to go to Yafi’s birthday party. But it was not last for long, her body temperature rose once again in the night. I took her to the hospital and had a blood test; then we knew that Dengue Fever was the illness. But doctor said that since the thrombocite value still in safe level, then there was no need for Audrey to be hospitalized. But the next day was planned for her to have another blood test to monitor her thrombocite value. The next day test was taken and the thrombocite value was less than before, so the doctor said that Audrey has to be hospitalized at that time.

The following weeks was so tiring and painful for Audrey; 10 bottles of infusion, several bottles of antibiotic, daily blood test, pharyngitis and digesting infection….

After six days Audrey’s condition was slowly getting better…and On Friday March 27th; she went home.

Thank You God for the remedy You gave to Audrey, and thanks to my neighbors who support us during that exhausting moment, and also thanks to everybody who pray for Audrey. God bless you all.


G said...

What a relief!! Jangan sakit lagi ya Audrey..

DE said...

seneng Audrey dah balik sehat lagi ya.

kebayang saat BJ ku dulu hrs dirawat du RumKit, segala perasaan bercampur aduk jadi satu

suwung said...

semoga sehat selalu

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