Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Don’t Like It




May be it’s good for us to identify habits and things we don’t like, from that habits we can share some things that can be considered as common things, so whoever read it can  justify it whether it’s common sense or it’s only just my sense:

Here is the list for habits and thing I don’t like:



    make or receive a phone call when I drive.

    throwing garbage from the car to the street

    a messy in public facility

    a drunken people

    people who talk too much but doing nothing

    to say stupid to somebody, but of course I height stupidity

    assault people



    stealing, cheating, corruption

    picking nose in front of people

    farting in front of people

    people who talk by them selves in a meeting

    “D” music

    tooth picking in front of people

    to talk when somebody else is talking

    to hear somebody talks when I’m talking

    stinky smell


    being bribed




    traffic jam; it’s killing me.

    to be late

    to break my promise


    show off

    breaking the rule

    Jakarta, it’s crowded

    terrorism; who don’t?


    lying, and of course being lied by somebody else

    to be jealous

    not doing anything

    complex things

    much more……..may be.

So what we’ll do about it? Yes, you’re right, we must change it to become the opposite we love. But how?…….let’s figure it out together

There is always Ying and Yang in this world, we just need the balance of those two.

And now I’m asking you – yes you; my dear blogger friend – who read this scratch, I want you to name 10 of things and habits you don’t like – also you have to mention the reason-.  If you have more than 10 things to mention, please write it down and posting it on your blog; then you should ask 10 other blogger to do so. By doing this we will see what kind of bad things and bad habits are the most mentioned by bloggers, and hopefully we will awake every blogger’s consciousness to be refreshed, and finally we will leave those habits behind us.

Thanks to –G-, Laurencia, Gus, and Erik who remind me to tag them regarding this topic. So let’s start from them to do this tagging, and I’ll ask 6 more bloggers to do it too. Here are the list of 10 bloggers who will do this:

  1. -G-                     : You will always be my inspiration….hehehe….. Chicago mode on
  2. Laurencia       : So many loves you have
  3. Gus                    : My role model in fighting stupidity, your school proves it
  4. Erik                   : My friendly buddy
  5. Yoyo                : You visit everybody with warm friendship
  6. Seno                 : You inspired me a large
  7. Budiawan Hutasoit  : You’re so creative
  8. Tikno               : I should learn a large from you
  9. Astrid              : Another teacher of mine
  10. Atca                 : my new friend

Feel free and please be frankly….thank you

pppppppppssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt………..I have a lovely teacher who taught me how to make this tagging…….


G said...

Hihihi... eh gemini kok lagi hobi ngomel2 ya ini, hahahaaaa!!

Mas ini dibikin tag dong... dilemparkan aja ke temen2 yg suka mampir (saya misalnya, hihi, pengen di tag niy!)

laurencia said...

weleh2 siGaty bisa2nya minta di tag hihihi

malam dek :)
diriku juga suka ngomel hiks hiks

gus said...

mau juga di Tag Kang...hehehe

Erik said...

ha ha ha cocok nih buat yg suka ngomel.
Mbak G minta dibuatin tag mas...

G said...

Huehuehueee... OK OK, segera akan dikerjakan (udah segera, trus buntutnya 'akan' itu kayaknya ga masuk deh, wekekekeee), tengkyu tengkyu soalnya bulan ini selain bulan kasih sayang juga bulan ngomel2, haha!!

@Mas Erik... qiqiqiqi... itu nyindir dirikyu ya? *sensi* (^^,)

prihandoko said...

@ -G-, Laurencia, Gus, Erik: Selamat ngomel2....feel free, free to speak, tumpahkan omelanmu...cacilah dunia...puaskan otak kirimu....Hehehehe...bener -G- ini bulannya ngomel!!!

Enak juga ya rasanya...PLONG gitu lho

Atca said...

Gubrakkk!! kayaknya memang bulan ini bener-bener harus kerja bakti...wahhh...harus ngomel-ngomel nih hueheheheheh..
Makasih bang Awardnya...Insyaallah dikerjakan yahh

Seno said...

Huii..hi.., it's a new model in tagging he...he... I like it. Thanks for tagging me and I'll do it my friend.

gus said...

kalau yang ngasih PR Kawan yang atu ini. saya mau banget Kang...merasa dapat kehormatan malah....

Erik said...

Ok sobat makasih tag dan PR-nya, mikir dulu nih yg bikin sebel apa aja..

Yoyo' said...

wah mimpi apa aku dapet PR dari suhu satu nih...hehehehehe
makasih sahabat PRnya....ngerjainnya pelan2 ya, kan harus buka kamus dulu *Gubrakkk*..makasih...makasih

tikno said...

I also learn from many of your posts here.
Most of what you have written above also like of what I feel about, except "D" music. I enjoy that song, really, much fun.

Why you also don't like "poverty", as I know that is not something is wrong. I have many friends whose not rich.

Kristina Dian Safitry said...

selamat kepada para penerima award. dan apakabar nih buat tuan rumah?

Erik said...

Datang lagi, PR sudah dikerjakan he he he.

Ida Athanazir said...

i definitely dont like to be late, im always ON TIME. Coz i dont like to wait for people.

laurencia said...

segera dikerjakan dek :) sibar ya inetku leletnya weleh2 deh
salam damai :)

laurencia said...

lapor dek, pe er sudah dikerjakan hohoho

happy sunday ya

astrid savitri said...

Lha, tadi pagi udh kesini, tp gak liat nama saya..weleh..weleh..musti pakei kacamata minus rupanya, hehe..

woke mas, segera kukerjakan pe-ernya meski telat..jangan dikasih merah ya raport-nya :)

海瓜子Andy said...


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