Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sinusoidal Wave

Life is just like a sinusoidal wave, or may be like a wheel.. at least that's what people say when they are trying to describe what life is. Those figures may be the best description to describe 2 opposite things; happiness and sadness, wealthiness and poor, laugh and cry, easy and difficult, success and fail, etc.

A Bible verse say that God does not promise a calm journey, but for sure He promises a nice port for all of us.

Is this verse is the answer why there is a sinusoidal pattern in our life? Do you think so?

We have 5 physical senses, and we have the ability to think and feel. Those instruments work together and continuously feed our life with so many sensations. The sensations of happiness and sadness, wealthiness and poor, laugh and cry, easy and difficult, success and fail, etc.

These sensations then accumulated as the experiences and stored safely in our memory. When we are trying to recall and review them back, then we will know that as time went by, we have so many great experiences and bad experiences. Or in other word we can use a 'good' word to represent great experiences, where it is located at the top peak of a sinusoidal pattern, and we can use a 'bad' word to represent the bad experiences, and the location is at the lowest point of a sinusoidal pattern.

And how do we classify one thing as a good thing?
Well, it is really depend on the values planted in our head. So many good and bad value taught by many media when the life begins.
Does everybody have the same ability to recognize that 'good' or 'bad' thing? I doubt so...

Good and bad value are relatively absorbed to everybody's mind.

Then there is another assumption related with this good and bad thing: bad thing can be considered as good thing, vice versa. It is really depend on us to decide.

But how to do it? And what benefit will I get by doing it? ....let's find out on the next scratches
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