Monday, July 13, 2009


IMG_3610 copy

They laugh so hard

They scream so loud

They don’t bother to the silence

They don’t like being quite

They don’t know anything about what happen out there


They like being noisy

They want to show their teeth


They play what they like

They move around to everywhere


Their eyes always look for something newIMG_3599

Their nose always smell every new fragrance

Their tongue always describe every new taste

Their hair are always untidy

Their hands like to hold everything

Their feet walk like they  have no tiredness



They sing every song they heard

They talk every word they heard

They do every action shown

They see everything put in front of them

They break every rules on purpose

They ignore every order


That’s how the life starts >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

model: trio pesek ; Audrey – Gaby - Yafi


G said...

Hahaha.... what a chaotic world they are living in and yet they are happier than most grown ups and even Jesus told us to be like one of them.


Love it!

Prihandoko said...

@-G-: indeed Mbakyu...indeed...indeed

Linda Belle said...

lg berandai2 klo udh punya anak hehe..

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